Hospitality projects are our core. Our reputation in this industry positions us as among the best as we have built our people, process, goals and methods around executing projects, no matter the size, in live, open and fully functioning hospitality business settings.

There are no two “Real Estate Ownership Groups” paired with “Operations Management Teams” in hospitality that are the same. Because of this, we must first cultivate an opportunity to earn a project with an ownership group and then assess the relationship and operational compatibility once it is complete. To be clear, Elements is not in business to just “do a one off project and make a buck.” We purposefully seek to find well-suited client relations. Upon successfully completing a first project together, a point is made to stop, to lean into what made the project a success and design a “programmed” approach to project consistency and familiarity working together on a multiple project basis.

Elements speaks the languages of hospitality and when engaged into bidding a project we are proactive and do our best to apply our knowledge and experience. We have carefully built a team of people and experience from areas of specialty in both Hospitality and Construction. Our team comprises of multiple people with experience in hospitality ownership, brand management, asset management, general management in hospitality, graduate degrees in construction management, owners representation project management, and just a whole lot of field experience in managing hospitality projects.

By understanding our customers environment, we better anticipate their needs, eliminate steps and create more efficient ways to service them, resulting in less burden for our customer, and more efficient work flow for our team.