What’s behind the Brand?

At Elements each day is in some form or another an opportunity to further our purpose here on earth.  One cannot take it for granted and we know we are not necessarily in control of all outcomes. The icon of the tree rings is symbolic of our story.  Each ring is like another year in the life of Elements.  Every ring is uniquely its own and there will never be two years exactly alike.

As we seek growth we need to strengthen our roots and feed from new relationships, projects, and people in order to add more years to our story. The tree is imperfect. Elements is imperfect. It is through humility, determination and a concentrated effort to fulfill our purpose that we continue to grow as an organization.

Growth rings through many years symbolize strength and fortitude. Elements is in business to be sustainably great at what we do. In order to do so we must build on our experiences and let our story teach us to be great.

Geographically, the tree ring connects Elements to its roots in the Pacific Northwest. Even more specifically, Elements is a general contracting company and wood itself is an essential material.

Given the strong sensitivity Elements has to its Culture, the circular shape signifies connectivity, community, & trust.

In summary, Elements could have designed a static icon much like many other companies do. An icon that simply looks classy, sharp or significant does not necessarily emote the core of who Elements is. If we do our job and maintain our relationship centric model, we are more accurately depicted by an icon with more natural and emotionally charged meaning.

Our clients and their projects aren’t seen as just a single job, but as an opportunity to form a lasting partnership.

How will we continue to diversify and invest into our future and stability? Uphold and manage a key set of very important goals:

Consistency on deliverables & never stop striving to get better!

Growing a healthy culture internally affords a stable base to cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships within our industry & community.

Manage measurable controls of risk taking endeavors.

Equal emphasis


Step 1: Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team. Step 2: Create Clarity, purpose, and intellectual alignment to what a healthy culture is and maintain a team of people around it. Step 3: Regularly communicate and model healthy culture in all the company does. Step 4: Reinforce clarity over and over.


We are a general contracting company specializing first in live environment renovations. We strive to exceed expectations in delivering to our customers projects that are within budget, on time project schedules, little to no impacts & superior quality.

Our Story

Elements was formed around a simple challenge to serve a customer base that had specific needs that they were not able to facilitate due to their volume of work. Providing renovation services, Elements earned opportunities with some of the largest hospitality companies in the world. Legal to work in over 34 states, and Canada, Elements quickly expanded its physical footprint while engaging in increasingly more involved scopes and into hotels and senior living niches.

The industry of hospitality is a relational one.  The word hospitality itself is by definition a genuine, welcoming, service oriented term used in conjunction with caring for people and relationships. This quickly became fundamental to expanding on our approach.  First, create an internal culture by hiring people who have common passions, and afford them professional respect to be themselves while still engaged in a driven, accountable and disciplined team.  Second, build relationships with clients that genuinely value not only what we do but also appreciate the increasingly more advantageous position we are both in when trust and relationship are formed.

As trust and relationships matured with several new partner clients, it became evident these partnerships needed definition.  What does it mean to partner?  Why? To the customer it has meant many things beyond the renovation itself … first and foremost the relationship needed to be sincere and serve both ways. True service meant we must earn their trust and listen to them. In doing so, we learned our customers valued … consistency in project teams (“people they’ve worked with before”), access to the benefits of having decades of relationships with vendors, budgeting services, schedule planning, due diligence in delving into problem areas, and creativity and experience in value engineering to name some of the most common.  Beyond the relational aspects and trust, to Elements partnership meant … we ask in return for visibility into future projects, respect for our professional knowledge and experience, and reciprocation by being afforded the opportunity and time to accountably bid on most projects.

What better legacy can we write than one where we are known by our clients to be good people that provide a good value and are ones that can be trusted. By being transparent, showing humility and remaining true to our purpose we can accomplish just about anything.

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” -Proverbs 16:3

For a Purpose.

Our faith is our conscience, our trust gives us confidence, and God’s strength is our fuel. Biblically, we are servants of the Lord and are building his heavenly kingdom here on earth. Hospitality in the ancient world focuses on the stranger in need. They lacked membership in the community, be it tribe, city-state, or nation. Widows, orphans, the poor, or sojourners from other lands lacked the familial or community status that provided a landed inheritance, the means of making a living, and protection. In the ancient world the practice of hospitality meant graciously receiving an alienated person into one’s land, home or community and providing directly for that persons needs. With continued projects, success, and profitability comes the ability and responsibility to further the lives of our people and their families, as well as give back to the local and global community through charitable giving, and specific project development with global partners.

We work very hard to dedicate profits as well as used goods from projects to share with those who have less than we do. We have a direct calling from God to bless those in need, and in so doing we honor the commandments given us.

By following and challenging our purpose and strategic vision, we poise ourselves for consistent growth (spiritually, personally, corporately, financially), allowing us to take ownership in our part of the company. At all times we give praise and glory for both our struggles and accomplishments to our Lord and Savior, Jesus